What is the “Hitler Worship Cult” & Why Is It a Problem?

They are self-identified white nationalists, Alt-Rightists, neo- nazis, Right Stuffers, 1488ers, Trump supporters, warriors and nationalists. Really, they are hordes of disgruntled young, white men with too much time, too little employment and 24/7 Internet access. They worship Hitler, justifying everything he did and did not do, whether they actually agree with Hitler or not. They equate everyone whom they worship today, such as Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Vladimir Putin, to Adolf Hitler. Anyone who cannot or does not somehow – no matter how remotely – remind them of Hitler is castigated as a “Jew,” “Liberal” or “shill.” Their tiny world is that black and white, and this is in fact what makes them so easy to counteract and discredit. Indeed, they have injected so much myth into the Hitler phenomenon that one can nary decipher what is actually true about the man. They are as bad as the Leftist researchers they disclaim.

Did I mention that they are Legion?

Anyone who separates the wheat they offer from the abundance of chaff is trolled, mocked, upbraided, hated and abated. But truth will out. Is this not what they themselves proclaim?

Yes. Truth. Will. Out.

This book is neither pro-Hitler nor anti-Hitler. It is neither pro-Nazi nor anti-Nazi. Rather, this book is an exposure of the cult of Hitler worship which has infiltrated and hijacked historical revisionism, holocaust revisionism and amateur Third Reich history. Documentaries like that of the well-meaning and kind-hearted Dennis Wise are so chock full of distortions, apologia, myth and error that a correction is in order.

This book is that correction. For the sake of brevity, it has been kept as concise as possible while still presenting a factual case against the myths, distortions, apologia and justifications of the Hitler Worship Cult (HWC). In our view, neither fascists nor anti-fascists, Nazis nor anti-Nazis, should be indorsed to hijack academia for the sake of their respective cults. This book therefore presents facts and deductive analyses, both favorable and unfavorable to Hitler and National Socialism (Nazism), which our readers can then deliberate on their own; minus the influence of either of these cults.

This book flouts the communistic attempts by the Hitler Worship Cult to decide what all of us can and cannot think or say about Adolf Hitler and Nazism. In so doing, this book exposes the Hitler Worship Cult of the extreme Right as the twin of the Holocaust Worship Cult of the extreme Left. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum are finally laid to rest.

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